Friday, April 3, 2009

Alex and I went on a four wheeler ride with some of his coworkers. It was so fun!! I am proud to say that I can not only jump a dirt bike but a four wheeler also! Dates are great!

Maggie was playing with my neighbors new puppies.. She has a mothering spirit.. I love the view from here. It is my red, white, and blue:)

Mahonri is creating again. He made an R2D2

out of knex, paper, markers, and tape. Inside of it there is even a light and tow cable. He says that he will build a real one some day. I asked if I would get one, and he said sure if I paid for it!!! He's even a shrewed business man:)

Wow, it seems the holidays have flown by!! I guess that's what happens when you emerse yourself in Cub Scouts he he. I love Alex! He always finds a way to gets us together and just hang out. This is at a partially finished park next to our neighborhood. We went and played tag. The pictures above are where taken for Maggies gifts to her brothers for Christmas. She colored a magnet frame and we put the pictures in them. Her brothers love them. This year was fun, we made homeade gifts. Alex and Mahonri made me a chicken coop and filled it with 7 chickens!! I get 7 eggs a day. I wonder if my cholesterol has gone up:)