Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fourth of July in Koosherum (sp)

We'll the fourth of July was spent with the Turley family in Koosherum ( i think that's how you spell it) The kids got to be in the parade in Kingston and then for four-wheeling! I got to stay home and finish the staining of the stairs, grouting the floor, and whatever else needed to be done while the little ones were gone. The pic of Maggie is just a funny! She loves hats, even when "hat" isn't the exact description.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The thrill of flying is awesome!
What a blessing and pleasure to have Mike take us up in his plane. The kids were in heaven. Maggie never got scared (unlike me). Mahonri wants to become a pilot, so this was great for him, he even got tho fly the plane.

Solomon is a boy of many faces. He cracks us up.

Well, we made it! We've officially moved in! It took us 1 month to get the bids, and 4 months to build, can you believe it! Mike (Alex's dad) took us up in his plane and we got an aerial shot of the house, which inspired Alex and I to clean up the lot. The rock on the front is almost finished now (diff. from pic) Man it's great to have a home again. Now onto unpacking!